Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Clean Up

It's about that time, here in the Northeast/ Mid Atlantic states, where you think you oughta be gearing up for some the "season". Truth is, if you're a fly fisherman, you're about a month behind on preparation.

Here in PA, "opening" day of Trout Season starts (I'll guess), within the next two weekends. "Opening" Day never really mattered to me (or the thousands of other fly'rs) in the area because we are exempt from that law.

As long as you can find a heritage stream, or no kill stream, or fly fishing only stream, or delayed harvest stream, there is no closed season. Quite frankly if you get a nice patch of mid 40'ish days in January or Feb, the fly fishing is fantastic in these parts. Of course that didn't happen this Winter so we wait for Spring.

My neighbor's kid is 15, and got his first fly rod for some sort of occasion within the last 6 months (birthday, christmas?). Either way, he's anxious to get started and I have helped him in that process. My kids are still to young to take on the fly rod as of yet, so I will be spending some quality time with the kid that mows my lawn.

I've managed to tie about 5 full boxes of size 18-16 nymphs (total assortment) and some 20-24 dries for the start of the season. I would post pics but I just haven't taken them yet.

Here's to a very successful year of Fishing!