Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start of the Season

PA had two opening days this year for Trout. The south east part of the state was privileged to go two weeks early than the rest of the state because of climate.

The other parts of the state went this past Saturday.

Now, I don't count the start of the season by what the state recognizes as the official opening day. Since all I do is fly fish, I don't have to wait until a specific day or worry about being out of season. For me, the start of the season is really the fall months. That's when it gets real good around these parts.

But for all intents and purposes, the general public views this part of the year as the beginning, so I'll stipulate to their wishes.

What is good is being able to enjoy the experience wit the kids. They are young and just getting into it but have a blast none the least. The daughters are especially enamored with the fly rod which gets me excited. I can't wait for them to be older and head out on a week long trip across the country somewhere.

The weather is nice right now and perfect for later in the afternoon and into the dusk of warm spring evenings. The fish go nutty at that time around here. all deep water as well. After that it's waiting for the sulfur hatches in June, and then pretty much turning to drifting tiny jigs in the Schuylkill for small mouth, which ain't a half bad way to spend an afternoon.

Then the fall comes and it's full time fly fishing. Fall usually is denoted when the first night gets below 50 degrees which sometimes isn't until late October in these parts.

Until then the shore, the rivers, and the streams will provide plenty of opportunities to fly fish without going after trout.

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