Monday, July 13, 2009

The Purity of Fly fishing

I'm not sure I am going to keep this the name of the blog. Purist is a term that usually leads people to believe that the user is nothing more than a pompous ass, and unwilling to try a "lesser" technique. Which couldn't be farther from the truth in my case. I also love to throw around the lead every so often when fishing for other species, and I've never been opposed to chicken livers when hunting cat fish at 11pm at night on the Schuylkill River.

But when I am fishing for trout, or steel head, or Salmon, Fly fishing in moving waters is the only way I go.

I like Fly fishing for what it is. That is the best possible way to catch a trout. The nomenclature of fly fishing is such that it provides the best arsenal to catch salmonids. The particular feeding and hunting patterns make it mandatory to offer the most realistic presentation which fly fishing allows you to do.

I'm not talking stocked fish either. I'm talking wild populations in streams, rivers, creeks, and brooks that are dug into the deepest parts of rural America.

My purpose in this blog will be a bevy of posts focusing on learning different fly fishing techniques, tying, trip reports, stories, and folks I've learned from and their experiences as well.

I will also focus on equipment and styles. I think the biggest mistake people make is outfitting themselves with the wrong equipment when they first get into the sport. That's a pretty bold statement considering that a good 8 1/2 ft., 5/6 weight rod will pretty much serve most or all of your fly fishing needs. But I also think that it will take away from your enjoyment depending on where you are fishing, and what you are fishing for.

Over the next couple of posts I will put up some pictures and redesign the blog for no other reason than pure visual pleasure.

I hope I can stick with this blog as fly fishing is a true passion for me, and writing about it will only serve to strengthen that passion.

~ tight lines

* ok, I've already changed the name of the blog to Riggs on Fly fishing. Fly Fishing Purist just seemed too noble. For lack of a better word :)

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