Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Vistas

I have actually taken a few weeks of downtime with the business to kind of decompress and get my head right. I've spent most of that time golfing, and yes, fishing.

The fly fishing around these parts has been good as of late. Without the usual scorchers that we have this time of year, the streams have stayed at good levels and the fish have been active.

I never have the opportunity to get to the streams near the time of the hatches so dry flying is out of the question for me. But I love to nymph fish and usually throw some 16-18 stone flies or copper heads on, and drift them for hours. This seems to usually net me a couple of fish for the time I spend on the stream and leave satisfied. If it gets to be a little rough where the fish are just ignoring everything, I will resort to some San Juan worms. These little boogers catch anything, any time, and make a dull day an exciting day. For the San Juan doesn't just catch fish. It puts them in a fury in these parts. For whatever reason, the trout seem to just go crazy over them. They strike harder and faster than anything else. I find that they are best in fast water, and the strikes are almost immediate.

Sure, it's a little like cheating, but when the going gets tough...

I'm heading to CT this weekend for a wedding and doubt I will have any chance to hit a stream. I've fished that region plenty of times and absolutely love it. I will have plenty of opportunity to get back up there, so if I do miss this time around, it certainly won't be the greatest tragedy.

I love fishing in PA. The views are spectacular. Given the right stream, they can rival any Montana summit or Canadian range. That's a bold statement and probably biased. But I have witnessed both, and I love the PA landscape. I'm probably comparing apples to oranges but there's something to be said about PA and the fly fishing it provides, along with the climate, the landscapes, and the views.

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