Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Chores

I started this blog because I had a spur of the moment chance to get out and do some fly fishing last summer. I missed it. Especially with having to give it up with the kids, the work, the wife, etc.

When I say give it up, I mean from the amount of time I was actually spending on it. The rod building, the fly tying, the day trips, the evening trips, and the week long trips.

After that one time in the summer, I thought I was going to be able to really get back into it. But alas, things happen.

This year I am making a pact to really set aside some time and and cherish my favorite past time.
I already have three trips booked. New Hampshire in August, NY in the fall, and most likely, Ohio in Dec. for steelies.

Which brings me to this winter. I have started to set up the 'ole fly tying station. I'm almost finished. I unpacked the table and the supplies, and the materials and they are being laid out in my ultra obsessive way. Once everything is in it's place, I will feel comfortable jumping back into things.

My first attempt back into the art will be to tie a bunch of size 12 stone flies. They are easy enough and should sharpen my skills easily enough. I will then focus on those copper heads, some p-tails, and a whole bunch of midges which nymph super well in the cold limestone streams in these here parts. Yes, I said nymph.

It's also poker season and I have a lot on the plate so having to spend more time over at the other space will leave this space blank for days on end. But I will post pics of the fly tying station and some of the pieces that grow out of it. I'm looking forward to swimming again!

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